Bear and Gum



Bear and Gum was created by Pete McElligott and Zach Zirlin as a gift to those who share both their odd sense of humor and their undying love of wasting time. Aiming for the wit of Monty Python, the class of The Far Side, and the courageous spirit of Marmaduke, Bear and Gum almost gets the last one.

Started in November of 2006, Bear and Gum burst out of the gate with four completed strips, a t-shirt, and Pete's last name spelt with too many o's. Shorty thereafter, however, Bear and Gum slowed itself to a light trot. Then it stopped, turned around, and walked to a nearby meadow where it laid down. Almost a year later, Bear and Gum is back on its feet, and although the race is long since over, we intend to finish... Cool Runnings style. More t-shirts, more strips, more Bear, more Gum, and much stronger anti-Semitic undertones.

Pete McElligott (writer) - "Zach asked me to write a comic strip that he could then illustrate. After submitting to him an epic adventure series starring President Lincoln and Future Santa, a submission that I insisted he animate instead of simply draw, Zach told me to 'screw off'. Not sure what that meant (He's very British.). Short on time and reaching for ideas (as well as my eighth bottle of Jameson's), I eventually decided that I wanted to write about a bear. At the time, I had some gum in my pocket ...or so the legend goes."

Zachary Zirlin (illustrator) - "I was without work at the time. I guess I just needed something to do. I'd been through my little black book. Twice. So I tried to come up with a new project to occupy my time. At the same time I was trying to catch the twinkle of Pete's eye. What better way then to collaborate on a comic strip. About two coworkers. Getting to know each other. Over time. I'm winking as I write this. A lot."

Pete McElligott (writer) - "Wait. He said what?"

Zach uses pens, pencils, Photoshop and a Wacom tablet to draw Bear and Gum. Pete uses a hand-me down Underwood No. 5. model typewriter that was once owned by Eva Braun and then later on Paul Newman.


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